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t4ss_object Mpe_B0344 Protein ID:124262884 Product:hypothetical protein Mpe_B0345 Protein ID:124262885 Product:zinc metalloproteinase Mpr protein Mpe_B0346 Protein ID:124262886 Product:disulfide isomerase Mpe_B0347 Protein ID:124262887 Product:hypothetical protein Mpe_B0348 Protein ID:124262888 Product:sex pilus assembly protein Mpe_B0349 Protein ID:124262889 Product:conjugal DNA transfer protein Mpe_B0350 Protein ID:124262890 Product:sex pilus assembly and mating pair formation protein Mpe_B0351 Protein ID:124262891 Product:single-stranded DNA-binding protein Mpe_B0352 Protein ID:124262892 Product:hypothetical protein Mpe_B0353 Protein ID:124262893 Product:hypothetical protein Mpe_B0354 Protein ID:124262894 Product:hypothetical protein Mpe_B0355 Protein ID:124262895 Product:hypothetical protein Mpe_B0356 Protein ID:124262896 Product:hypothetical protein Mpe_B0357 Protein ID:124262897 Product:replicative DNA helicase Mpe_B0358 Protein ID:124262898 Product:DNA primase Mpe_B0359 Protein ID:124262899 Product:hypothetical protein Mpe_B0360 Protein ID:124262900 Product:hypothetical protein Mpe_B0361 Protein ID:124262901 Product:sex pilus assembly and mating pair formation Mpe_B0362 Protein ID:124262902 Product:hypothetical protein Mpe_B0363 Protein ID:124262903 Product:outer membrane protein Mpe_B0364 Protein ID:124262904 Product:pilus assembly protein Mpe_B0365 Protein ID:124262905 Product:sex pilus assembly protein Mpe_B0366 Protein ID:124262906 Product:sex pilus assembly protein Mpe_B0367 Protein ID:124262907 Product:sex pilus assembly protein Mpe_B0368 Protein ID:124262908 Product:hypothetical protein Mpe_B0369 Protein ID:124262909 Product:sex pilus assembly protein Mpe_B0370 Protein ID:124262910 Product:hypothetical protein Mpe_B0371 Protein ID:124262911 Product:F-pilin subunit assembly into extended F pili Mpe_B0372 Protein ID:124262912 Product:hypothetical protein Mpe_B0373 Protein ID:124262913 Product:putative pilus assembly protein, TrhF Mpe_B0374 Protein ID:124262914 Product:sex pilus assembly protein Mpe_B0375 Protein ID:124262915 Product:sex pilus assembly protein Mpe_B0376 Protein ID:124262916 Product:hypothetical protein Mpe_B0377 Protein ID:124262917 Product:Thiol:disulfide interchange protein Mpe_B0378 Protein ID:124262918 Product:pili biogenesis ATPase Mpe_B0379 Protein ID:124262919 Product:invasion protein Mpe_B0380 Protein ID:124262920 Product:hypothetical protein Mpe_B0381 Protein ID:124262921 Product:conjugal transfer mating pair stabilization protein TraN Mpe_B0382 Protein ID:124262922 Product:hypothetical protein Mpe_B0383 Protein ID:124262923 Product:hypothetical protein Mpe_B0384 Protein ID:124262924 Product:hypothetical protein  Protein ID: Product: