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t4ss_object HDEF_0408 Protein ID:238897630 Product:hypothetical protein HDEF_0407 Protein ID:238897631 Product:hypothetical protein HDEF_0409 Protein ID:238897632 Product:phage lysozyme HDEF_0410 Protein ID:238897633 Product:phage holin HDEF_0411 Protein ID:238897634 Product:phosphoesterase HDEF_0412 Protein ID:238897635 Product:ISHde1, transposase HDEF_0413 Protein ID:238897636 Product:ISHde1, transposase HDEF_0414 Protein ID:238897637 Product:VirD4 conjugal transfer protein HDEF_0415 Protein ID:238897638 Product:hypothetical protein HDEF_0416 Protein ID:238897639 Product:VirB11 conjugal transfer protein HDEF_0417 Protein ID:238897640 Product:VirB10 conjugal transfer protein HDEF_0418 Protein ID:238897641 Product:hypothetical protein HDEF_0419 Protein ID:238897642 Product:VirB9 conjugal transfer protein HDEF_0420 Protein ID:238897643 Product:MobB relaxase/mobilization protein HDEF_0421 Protein ID:238897644 Product:MobC relaxase/mobilization protein HDEF_0422 Protein ID:238897645 Product:hypothetical protein HDEF_0423 Protein ID:238897646 Product:hypothetical protein HDEF_0424 Protein ID:238897647 Product:plasmid stability protein StbB HDEF_0425 Protein ID:238897648 Product:hypothetical protein HDEF_0426 Protein ID:238897649 Product:addiction module antitoxin HDEF_0427 Protein ID:238897650 Product:hypothetical protein HDEF_0428 Protein ID:238897651 Product:VirB6 conjugal transfer protein HDEF_0429 Protein ID:238897652 Product:hypothetical protein HDEF_0430 Protein ID:238897653 Product:hypothetical protein HDEF_0431 Protein ID:238897654 Product:addiction module HDEF_0432 Protein ID:238897655 Product:VirB5 conjugal transfer protein HDEF_0433 Protein ID:238897656 Product:VirB4 conjugal transfer protein HDEF_0434 Protein ID:238897657 Product:ISHde5, transposase HDEF_0435 Protein ID:238897658 Product:ISHde5, transposase HDEF_0436 Protein ID:238897659 Product:hypothetical protein HDEF_0437 Protein ID:238897660 Product:RTX-family protein-2  Protein ID: Product: