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t4ss_object Bphyt_6491 Protein ID:187921136 Product:putative DNA relaxase/nickase, TraS/VirD2-like protein Bphyt_6492 Protein ID:187921137 Product:plasmid-like protein Bphyt_6493 Protein ID:187921138 Product:putative DNA primase, DNA transfer TraO-like protein Bphyt_6494 Protein ID:187921139 Product:Primase 2 Bphyt_6495 Protein ID:187921140 Product:TRAG family protein Bphyt_6496 Protein ID:187921141 Product:hypothetical protein Bphyt_6497 Protein ID:187921142 Product:P-type DNA transfer ATPase VirB11 Bphyt_6498 Protein ID:187921143 Product:conjugation TrbI family protein Bphyt_6499 Protein ID:187921144 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbG/VirB9/CagX Bphyt_6500 Protein ID:187921145 Product:VirB8 family protein Bphyt_6501 Protein ID:187921146 Product:hypothetical protein Bphyt_6502 Protein ID:187921147 Product:P-type DNA transfer protein VirB5 Bphyt_6503 Protein ID:187921148 Product:TrbL/VirB6 plasmid conjugal transfer protein Bphyt_6504 Protein ID:187921149 Product:type IV secretion/conjugal transfer ATPase, VirB4 family Bphyt_6505 Protein ID:187921150 Product:type IV secretory pathway VirB3 family protein Bphyt_6506 Protein ID:187921151 Product:conjugal transfer protein TrbC Bphyt_6507 Protein ID:187921152 Product:Lytic transglycosylase catalytic Bphyt_6508 Protein ID:187921153 Product:hypothetical protein Bphyt_6509 Protein ID:187921154 Product:hypothetical protein Bphyt_6510 Protein ID:187921155 Product:hypothetical protein Bphyt_6511 Protein ID:187921156 Product:phage transcriptional regulator AlpA Bphyt_6512 Protein ID:187921157 Product:hypothetical protein Bphyt_6513 Protein ID:187921158 Product:hypothetical protein Bphyt_6514 Protein ID:187921159 Product:fatty acid desaturase  Protein ID: Product: