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t4ss_object pBEE99p04 Protein ID:270208276 Product:PrgX pBEE99p05 Protein ID:270208277 Product:PrgR pBEE99p06 Protein ID:270208278 Product:PrgS pBEE99p07 Protein ID:270208279 Product:transposase pBEE99p08 Protein ID:270208280 Product:integrase pBEE99p09 Protein ID:270208281 Product:PrgB pBEE99p10 Protein ID:270208282 Product:PrgC pBEE99p11 Protein ID:270208283 Product:PrgD pBEE99p12 Protein ID:270208284 Product:PrgK pBEE99p13 Protein ID:270208285 Product:PrgF pBEE99p14 Protein ID:270208286 Product:hypothetical protein pBEE99p15 Protein ID:270208287 Product:PrgH pBEE99p16 Protein ID:270208288 Product:PrgI pBEE99p17 Protein ID:270208289 Product:PrgJ pBEE99p18 Protein ID:270208290 Product:PrgK pBEE99p19 Protein ID:270208291 Product:hypothetical protein pBEE99p20 Protein ID:270208292 Product:reverse transcriptase pBEE99p21 Protein ID:270208293 Product:PrgL pBEE99p22 Protein ID:270208294 Product:PrgM pBEE99p23 Protein ID:270208295 Product:PcfA pBEE99p24 Protein ID:270208296 Product:hypothetical protein pBEE99p25 Protein ID:270208297 Product:PcfS pBEE99p26 Protein ID:270208298 Product:hypothetical protein pBEE99p27 Protein ID:270208299 Product:PcfB pBEE99p28 Protein ID:270208300 Product:PcfC pBEE99p29 Protein ID:270208301 Product:PcfD pBEE99p30 Protein ID:270208302 Product:PcfE pBEE99p31 Protein ID:270208303 Product:PcfF pBEE99p32 Protein ID:270208304 Product:PcfG pBEE99p33 Protein ID:270208305 Product:PcfH pBEE99p34 Protein ID:270208306 Product:PcfJ pBEE99p35 Protein ID:270208307 Product:hypothetical protein pBEE99p36 Protein ID:270208308 Product:hypothetical protein pBEE99p37 Protein ID:270208309 Product:PcfM pBEE99p38 Protein ID:270208310 Product:PcfN pBEE99p39 Protein ID:270208311 Product:PcfP pBEE99p40 Protein ID:270208312 Product:PcfQ  Protein ID: Product: