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t4ss_object SeAg_A0017 Protein ID:197247331 Product:hypothetical protein SeAg_A0018 Protein ID:197247341 Product:hypothetical protein SeAg_A0019 Protein ID:197247339 Product:H-NS histone family SeAg_A0020 Protein ID:197247340 Product:topoisomerase SeAg_A0021 Protein ID:197247344 Product:hypothetical protein SeAg_A0022 Protein ID:197247322 Product:YggA protein SeAg_A0023 Protein ID:197247336 Product:conjugal transfer protein SeAg_A0024 Protein ID:197247321 Product:P-type DNA transfer ATPase VirB11 SeAg_A0025 Protein ID:197247337 Product:conjugal transfer protein SeAg_A0026 Protein ID:197247306 Product:conjugal transfer outer membrane protein SeAg_A0027 Protein ID:197247349 Product:conjugal transfer protein SeAg_A0028 Protein ID:197247332 Product:hypothetical protein SeAg_A0029 Protein ID:197247313 Product:putative conjugal transfer protein SeAg_A0030 Protein ID:197247350 Product:conjugal transfer protein SeAg_A0031 Protein ID:197247320 Product:hypothetical protein SeAg_A0032 Protein ID:197247309 Product:hypothetical protein SeAg_A0033 Protein ID:197247317 Product:conjugal transfer protein SeAg_A0034 Protein ID:197247308 Product:hypothetical protein SeAg_A0035 Protein ID:197247334 Product:hypothetical protein SeAg_A0036 Protein ID:197247333 Product:plasmid replication protein SeAg_A0037 Protein ID:197247315 Product:hypothetical protein SeAg_A0038 Protein ID:197247312 Product:putative conjugal transfer protein  Protein ID: Product: