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t4ss_object R46_001 Protein ID:17530632 Product:transposase TnpA R46_002 Protein ID:17530633 Product:hypothetical protein R46_003 Protein ID:17530634 Product:hypothetical protein R46_004 Protein ID:17530584 Product:hypothetical protein R46_005 Protein ID:17530585 Product:KikA R46_006 Protein ID:17530586 Product:hypothetical protein R46_007 Protein ID:17530587 Product:KorB R46_008 Protein ID:17530588 Product:TraL R46_009 Protein ID:17530589 Product:KorA R46_010 Protein ID:17530590 Product:TraM R46_011 Protein ID:17530591 Product:TraA R46_012 Protein ID:17530592 Product:TraB R46_013 Protein ID:17530593 Product:TraC R46_014 Protein ID:17530594 Product:entry exclusion protein R46_015 Protein ID:17530595 Product:TraD R46_016 Protein ID:17530596 Product:TraN R46_017 Protein ID:17530597 Product:TraE R46_018 Protein ID:17530598 Product:TraO R46_019 Protein ID:17530599 Product:TraF R46_020 Protein ID:17530600 Product:TraG R46_021 Protein ID:17530601 Product:endonuclease R46_022 Protein ID:17530602 Product:Fip R46_023 Protein ID:17530603 Product:TraI R46_024 Protein ID:17530604 Product:TraJ R46_025 Protein ID:17530605 Product:TraK R46_027 Protein ID:17530606 Product:StbA R46_028 Protein ID:17530607 Product:StdB R46_029 Protein ID:17530608 Product:StbC R46_030 Protein ID:17530609 Product:OrfD R46_031 Protein ID:17530610 Product:CcgAII protein R46_032 Protein ID:17530611 Product:CcgAI protein R46_033 Protein ID:17530612 Product:ArdA protein  Protein ID: Product: