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t4ss_object pecB24_p02 Protein ID:302595285 Product:conjugal transfer surface exclusion protein pecB24_p03 Protein ID:302595286 Product:surface exclusion protein pecB24_p05 Protein ID:302595287 Product:conjugal transfer protein pecB24_p06 Protein ID:302595288 Product:conjugal transfer protein pecB24_p07 Protein ID:302595289 Product:conjugal transfer protein pecB24_p08 Protein ID:302595290 Product:conjugal transfer protein pecB24_p09 Protein ID:302595291 Product:type IV secretion-like conjugative transfer system pecB24_p10 Protein ID:302595292 Product:F pilus assembly pecB24_p11 Protein ID:302595293 Product:conjugal transfer protein pecB24_p12 Protein ID:302595294 Product:type IV secretion-like conjugative transfer system mating pair stabilization protein pecB24_p13 Protein ID:302595295 Product:conjugal transfer protein pecB24_p15 Protein ID:302595296 Product:F pilus assembly pecB24_p16 Protein ID:302595297 Product:F pilus assembly pecB24_p17 Protein ID:302595298 Product:conjugal transfer protein pecB24_p18 Protein ID:302595299 Product:F pilus assembly pecB24_p19 Protein ID:302595300 Product:F pilus assembly pecB24_p20 Protein ID:302595301 Product:F pilus assembly pecB24_p21 Protein ID:302595302 Product:conjugal transfer protein pecB24_p22 Protein ID:302595303 Product:conjugal transfer protein pecB24_p23 Protein ID:302595304 Product:conjugal transfer protein pecB24_p24 Protein ID:302595305 Product:F pilus assembly pecB24_p25 Protein ID:302595306 Product:F pilus assembly pecB24_p27 Protein ID:302595307 Product:hypothetical protein pecB24_p28 Protein ID:302595308 Product:hypothetical protein pecB24_p29 Protein ID:302595309 Product:hypothetical protein pecB24_p30 Protein ID:302595311 Product:post-segregational killing protein pecB24_p31 Protein ID:302595310 Product:modulator of Hok protein pecB24_p32 Protein ID:302595312 Product:plasmid SOS inhibition protein A pecB24_p33 Protein ID:302595313 Product:plasmid SOS inhibition protein B  Protein ID: Product: