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t4ss_object RMA_0713 Protein ID:157964586 Product:integrase RMA_0714 Protein ID:157964587 Product:Phage-associated protein RMA_0715 Protein ID:157964588 Product:putative toxin of toxin-antitoxin RMA_0716 Protein ID:157964589 Product:hypothetical protein RMA_0717 Protein ID:157964590 Product:conjugative transfer protein TraE RMA_0718 Protein ID:157964591 Product:hypothetical protein RMA_0719 Protein ID:157964592 Product:hypothetical protein RMA_0720 Protein ID:157964593 Product:F pilus assembly protein TraB RMA_0721 Protein ID:157964594 Product:conjugative transfer protein TraV RMA_0722 Protein ID:157964595 Product:conjugative transfer protein TraC RMA_0723 Protein ID:157964596 Product:ATPase family protein RMA_0726 Protein ID:157964597 Product:conjugal DNA transfer protein TraU RMA_0727 Protein ID:157964598 Product:conjugative transfer protein TrbC RMA_0728 Protein ID:157964599 Product:conjugative transfer protein TraN RMA_0729 Protein ID:157964600 Product:F pilus assembly protein TraF RMA_0730 Protein ID:157964601 Product:F pilus assembly protein TraH RMA_0731 Protein ID:157964602 Product:conjugative transfer protein TraG RMA_0732 Protein ID:157964603 Product:hypothetical protein RMA_0733 Protein ID:157964604 Product:putative conjugative transfer protein TraD RMA_0734 Protein ID:157964605 Product:transposase RMA_0735 Protein ID:157964606 Product:conjugal transfer protein TraA RMA_0736 Protein ID:157964607 Product:transposase RMA_0739 Protein ID:157964608 Product:hypothetical protein RMA_0740 Protein ID:157964609 Product:transposase  Protein ID: Product: