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t4ss_object A1I_05520 Protein ID:157827404 Product:integrase A1I_05525 Protein ID:157827405 Product:hypothetical protein A1I_05530 Protein ID:157827406 Product:hypothetical protein A1I_05535 Protein ID:157827407 Product:hypothetical protein A1I_05540 Protein ID:157827408 Product:conjugative transfer protein TraE A1I_05545 Protein ID:157827409 Product:hypothetical protein A1I_05550 Protein ID:157827410 Product:hypothetical protein A1I_05555 Protein ID:157827411 Product:F pilus assembly protein TraB A1I_05560 Protein ID:157827412 Product:conjugative transfer protein TraV A1I_05565 Protein ID:157827413 Product:conjugative transfer protein TraC A1I_05570 Protein ID:157827414 Product:conjugative transfer protein TraW A1I_05575 Protein ID:157827415 Product:hypothetical protein A1I_05580 Protein ID:157827416 Product:conjugal transfer protein TraU A1I_05585 Protein ID:157827417 Product:conjugative transfer protein TrbC A1I_05590 Protein ID:157827418 Product:conjugative transfer protein TraN A1I_05595 Protein ID:157827419 Product:F pilus assembly protein TraF A1I_05600 Protein ID:157827420 Product:F pilus assembly protein TraH A1I_05605 Protein ID:157827421 Product:conjugative transfer protein TraG A1I_05610 Protein ID:157827422 Product:hypothetical protein A1I_05615 Protein ID:157827423 Product:conjugative transfer protein TraD A1I_05620 Protein ID:157827424 Product:transposase A1I_05625 Protein ID:157827425 Product:conjugal transfer protein TraA A1I_05630 Protein ID:157827426 Product:conjugal transfer protein TraD A1I_05635 Protein ID:157827427 Product:guanosine polyphosphate pyrophosphohydrolase/synthetase A1I_05640 Protein ID:157827428 Product:hypothetical protein A1I_05645 Protein ID:157827429 Product:hypothetical protein  Protein ID: Product: