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t4ss_object PMIP01 Protein ID:172055990 Product:Pi protein (replication initiation protein) PMIP02 Protein ID:172055991 Product:hypothetical protein PMIP03 Protein ID:172055992 Product:hypothetical protein PMIP04 Protein ID:172055993 Product:hypothetical protein PMIP05 Protein ID:172055994 Product:putative DNA_binding protein PMIP06 Protein ID:172055995 Product:hypothetical protein PMIP07 Protein ID:172055996 Product:putative transglycosylase PMIP08 Protein ID:172055997 Product:putative conjugal transfer protein PMIP09 Protein ID:172055998 Product:putative conjugal transfer protein PMIP10 Protein ID:172055999 Product:putative conjugal transfer protein PMIP11 Protein ID:172056000 Product:putative lipoprotein PMIP12 Protein ID:172056001 Product:putative conjugal transfer protein PMIP12A Protein ID:172056002 Product:conjugal transfer protein PMIP13 Protein ID:172056003 Product:conjugal transfer protein PMIP14 Protein ID:172056004 Product:conjugal transfer protein PMIP15 Protein ID:172056005 Product:conjugal transfer protein PMIP16 Protein ID:172056006 Product:conjugal transfer protein PMIP17 Protein ID:172056007 Product:conjugal transfer protein PMIP18 Protein ID:172056008 Product:putative lipoprotein PMIP19 Protein ID:172056009 Product:putative conjugal transfer protein PMIP20 Protein ID:172056010 Product:hypothetical protein PMIP21 Protein ID:172056011 Product:hypothetical protein PMIP22 Protein ID:172056012 Product:hypothetical protein PMIP23 Protein ID:172056013 Product:hypothetical protein PMIP24 Protein ID:172056014 Product:hypothetical protein  Protein ID: Product: