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t4ss_object PSPTO_B0043 Protein ID:29171583 Product:major facilitator family transporter PSPTO_B0044 Protein ID:29171584 Product:hypothetical protein PSPTO_B0045 Protein ID:29171585 Product:PbsX family transcriptional regulator PSPTO_B0046 Protein ID:29171586 Product:hypothetical protein PSPTO_B0047 Protein ID:29171587 Product:hypothetical protein PSPTO_B0048 Protein ID:29171588 Product:putative lipoprotein PSPTO_B0049 Protein ID:29171589 Product:pilT protein, putative PSPTO_B0050 Protein ID:29171590 Product:traH protein, putative PSPTO_B0051 Protein ID:29171591 Product:traI protein PSPTO_B0052 Protein ID:29171592 Product:type IV pilus biogenesis protein PSPTO_B0053 Protein ID:29171593 Product:hypothetical protein PSPTO_B0054 Protein ID:29171594 Product:endonuclease PSPTO_B0055 Protein ID:29171595 Product:hypothetical protein PSPTO_B0056 Protein ID:29171596 Product:traK protein PSPTO_B0057 Protein ID:29171597 Product:DNA primase TraC PSPTO_B0058 Protein ID:29171598 Product:traL protein PSPTO_B0059 Protein ID:29171599 Product:traM protein PSPTO_B0060 Protein ID:29171600 Product:traN protein PSPTO_B0061 Protein ID:29171601 Product:traO protein PSPTO_B0062 Protein ID:29171602 Product:traP protein PSPTO_B0063 Protein ID:29171603 Product:traQ protein PSPTO_B0064 Protein ID:29171604 Product:traR protein PSPTO_B0066 Protein ID:29171605 Product:traU protein PSPTO_B0067 Protein ID:29171606 Product:traW protein PSPTO_B0068 Protein ID:29171607 Product:traX protein PSPTO_B0069 Protein ID:29171608 Product:traY protein PSPTO_B0070 Protein ID:29171609 Product:hypothetical protein PSPTO_B0071 Protein ID:29171610 Product:surface exclusion protein, putative PSPTO_B0072 Protein ID:29171611 Product:hypothetical protein PSPTO_B0073 Protein ID:29171612 Product:PilT domain-containing protein PSPTO_B0074 Protein ID:29171613 Product:hypothetical protein PSPTO_B0075 Protein ID:29171614 Product:trbB protein, putative PSPTO_B0076 Protein ID:29171615 Product:trbC protein PSPTO_B0077 Protein ID:29171616 Product:GntR family transcriptional regulator  Protein ID: Product: