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t4ss_object WPa_0127 Protein ID:190570589 Product:Putative membrane RDD family protein WPa_0128 Protein ID:190570590 Product:replicative DNA helicase WPa_0129 Protein ID:190570591 Product:putative monovalent cation/H+ antiporter subunit D WPa_0130 Protein ID:190570592 Product:Putative type IV secretion system protein VirB8 WPa_0131 Protein ID:190570593 Product:hypothetical protein WPa_0132 Protein ID:190570594 Product:Putative DNA polymerase III, gamma/tau subunits WPa_0133 Protein ID:190570595 Product:Sua5/YciO/YrdC/YwlC family protein WPa_0134 Protein ID:190570596 Product:hypothetical protein WPa_0135 Protein ID:190570597 Product:tRNA delta(2)-isopentenylpyrophosphate transferase  Protein ID: Product: