T4SS ID101
StrainEscherichia coli UTI89
Repliconplasmid pUTI89 [Browse all T4SS(s) in this replicon]
ClassificationType IVA; Type F
insolico This T4SS is identified in this study.

T4SS components

The information of T4SS components from NC_007941
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#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProductComponent
1UTI89_P095 (psiB)72860..73294 [+], 43591206340plasmid SOS inhibition protein B 
2UTI89_P09673291..74010 [+], 72091206341plasmid SOS inhibition protein A 
3UTI89_P09774228..74440 [+], 21391206342modulator of post-segregation killing protein 
4UTI89_P098 (flmA)74286..74444 [+], 15991206343small toxic polypeptide 
5UTI89_P09975060..75296 [-], 23791206344hypothetical protein 
6UTI89_P10075360..75647 [+], 28891206345hypothetical protein 
7UTI89_P10175766..76587 [+], 82291206346hypothetical protein 
8UTI89_P10276883..77392 [-], 51091206347lytic transglycosylase  Orf169_F
9UTI89_P103 (traM)77816..78199 [+], 38491206348conjugal transfer protein TraM  TraM_F
10UTI89_P104 (traJ)78333..79079 [+], 74791206349functional relaxosome complex initiator 
11UTI89_P105 (traY)79173..79400 [+], 22891206350conjugal transfer protein TraY  TraY_F
12UTI89_P106 (traA)79434..79793 [+], 36091206351conjugal transfer pilin subunit TraA  TraA_F
13UTI89_P107 (traL)79808..80119 [+], 31291206352conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraL  TraL_F
14UTI89_P108 (traE)80141..80707 [+], 56791206353conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraE  TraE_F
15UTI89_P109 (traK)80694..81422 [+], 72991206354conjugal transfer protein TraK  TraK_F
16UTI89_P110 (traB)81422..82849 [+], 142891206355conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraB  TraB_F
17UTI89_P111 (traP)82839..83429 [+], 59191206356conjugal transfer protein TraP 
18UTI89_P112 (trbD)83368..83736 [+], 36991206357conjugal transfer protein TrbD 
19UTI89_P113 (traV)83978..84493 [+], 51691206358conjugal transfer protein TraV  TraV_F
20UTI89_P114 (traR)84628..84849 [+], 22291206359conjugal transfer protein TraR 
21UTI89_P115 (yfiA)84842..85315 [+], 47491206360hypothetical protein 
22UTI89_P11685395..85613 [+], 21991206361hypothetical protein 
23UTI89_P117 (traC)85980..88610 [+], 263191206362conjugal transfer ATP-binding protein TraC  TraC_F
24UTI89_P118 (trbI)88607..88993 [+], 38791206363conjugal transfer protein TrbI 
25UTI89_P119 (traW)88990..89622 [+], 63391206364conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraW  TraW_F
26UTI89_P120 (traU)89619..90611 [+], 99391206365conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraU  TraU_F
27UTI89_P12190635..90946 [+], 31291206366hypothetical protein 
28UTI89_P122 (trbC)90955..91593 [+], 63991206367conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TrbC  TrbC_F
29UTI89_P123 (traN)91590..93440 [+], 185191206368conjugal transfer mating pair stabilization protein TraN  TraN_F
30UTI89_P124 (trbE)93464..93724 [+], 26191206369conjugal transfer protein TrbE 
31UTI89_P125 (traF)93687..94460 [+], 77491206370conjugal pilus assembly protein TraF  TraF_F
32UTI89_P126 (trbA)94474..94815 [+], 34291206371conjugal transfer protein TrbA 
33UTI89_P127 (artA)94796..95131 [-], 33691206372hypothetical protein 
34UTI89_P128 (traQ)95212..95496 [+], 28591206373conjugal transfer pilin chaperone TraQ  TraQ_F
35UTI89_P129 (trbB)95483..96028 [+], 54691206374conjugal transfer protein TrbB 
36UTI89_P130 (trbJ)95958..96305 [+], 34891206375conjugal transfer protein TrbJ 
37UTI89_P131 (trbF)96253..96678 [+], 42691206376conjugal transfer protein TrbF 
38UTI89_P132 (traH)96656..98038 [+], 138391206377conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraH  TraH_F
39UTI89_P133 (traG)98035..100857 [+], 282391206378conjugal transfer mating pair stabilization protein TraG  TraG_F
40UTI89_P134 (traS)100873..101358 [+], 48691206379surface exclusion inner membrane protein 
41UTI89_P135 (traT)101407..102138 [+], 73291206380conjugal transfer surface exclusion protein TraT 
42UTI89_P136 (yhfA)102296..103078 [+], 78391206381hypothetical protein 
43UTI89_P137 (traD)103129..105273 [+], 214591206382conjugal transfer protein TraD  TraD_F
44UTI89_P138 (traI)105273..110543 [+], 527191206383conjugal transfer nickase/helicase TraI  TraI_F
45UTI89_P139107306..107875 [-], 57091206384hypothetical protein 
46UTI89_P140 (traX)110506..111309 [+], 80491206385conjugal transfer pilus acetylation protein TraX  TraX_F
47UTI89_P141111368..112228 [+], 86191206386hypothetical protein 
48UTI89_P142 (finO)112331..112891 [+], 56191206387conjugal transfer fertility inhibition protein FinO 
49UTI89_P143113020..113232 [+], 21391206388hypothetical protein 
50UTI89_P144113465..113938 [+], 47491206389hypothetical protein 
51UTI89_P145 (hmo)113984..114193 [+], 21091206390putative regulator 
flank Genes in the 5-Kb flanking regions if available, or non-essential genes in the T4SS gene cluster if any.

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Identified as part of this study from NC_007941