T4SS ID108
StrainEscherichia coli plasmid pEC14_114 (NC_013175)
Repliconplasmid pEC14_114 [Browse all T4SS(s) in this replicon]
ClassificationType IVA; Type F
sequence This T4SS has been mentioned in a genome sequencing report.

T4SS components

The information of T4SS components from NC_013175
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#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProductComponent
1pEC14_76 (psiB)72855..73289 [+], 435256855325plasmid SOS inhibition protein B 
2pEC14_77 (psiA)73286..74005 [+], 720256855326plasmid SOS inhibition protein A 
3pEC14_7874676..74999 [-], 324256855327hypothetical protein 
4pEC14_7975287..75580 [-], 294256855328hypothetical protein 
5pEC14_8075675..76580 [+], 906256855329hypothetical protein 
6pEC14_8176876..77466 [-], 591256855330lytic transglycosylase  Orf169_F
7pEC14_82 (traM)77809..78192 [+], 384256855331conjugal transfer protein TraM  TraM_F
8pEC14_83 (traJ)78386..79072 [+], 687256855332IncF plasmid conjugative transfer protein TraJ 
9pEC14_84 (traA)79427..79786 [+], 360256855333conjugal transfer pilin subunit TraA  TraA_F
10pEC14_85 (traL)79801..80112 [+], 312256855334conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraL  TraL_F
11pEC14_86 (traE)80134..80700 [+], 567256855335conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraE  TraE_F
12pEC14_87 (traK)80687..81415 [+], 729256855336conjugal transfer protein TraK  TraK_F
13pEC14_88 (traB)81573..82841 [+], 1269256855337IncF plasmid conjugative transfer pilus assembly protein TraB  TraB_F
14pEC14_89 (traP)82831..83421 [+], 591256855338conjugal transfer protein TraP 
15pEC14_90 (trbD)83408..83728 [+], 321256855339conjugal transfer protein TrbD 
16pEC14_91 (traV)83970..84485 [+], 516256855340conjugal transfer protein TraV  TraV_F
17pEC14_9284792..85307 [+], 516256855341hypothetical protein 
18pEC14_93 (traC)85972..88602 [+], 2631256855342conjugal transfer ATP-binding protein TraC  TraC_F
19pEC14_94 (trbI)88599..88985 [+], 387256855343conjugal transfer protein TrbI 
20pEC14_95 (traW)88982..89614 [+], 633256855344conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraW  TraW_F
21pEC14_96 (traU)89611..90603 [+], 993256855345conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraU  TraU_F
22pEC14_9790633..90938 [+], 306256855346hypothetical protein 
23pEC14_98 (trbC)90947..91585 [+], 639256855347conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TrbC  TrbC_F
24pEC14_99 (traN)91582..93432 [+], 1851256855348conjugal transfer mating pair stabilization protein TraN  TraN_F
25pEC14_100 (trbE)93459..93716 [+], 258256855349conjugal transfer protein TrbE 
26pEC14_101 (traF)93709..94452 [+], 744256855350conjugal pilus assembly protein TraF  TraF_F
27pEC14_102 (trbA)94466..94807 [+], 342256855351conjugal transfer protein TrbA 
28pEC14_103 (traQ)95204..95488 [+], 285256855352conjugal transfer pilin chaperone TraQ  TraQ_F
29pEC14_104 (trbB)95475..96020 [+], 546256855353conjugal transfer protein TrbB 
30pEC14_105 (trbJ)96010..96297 [+], 288256855354conjugal transfer protein TrbJ 
31pEC14_106 (trbF)96278..96670 [+], 393256855355conjugal transfer protein TrbF 
32pEC14_107 (traH)96657..98030 [+], 1374256855356conjugal transfer pilus assembly protein TraH  TraH_F
33pEC14_108 (traG)98027..100849 [+], 2823256855357conjugal transfer mating pair stabilization protein TraG  TraG_F
34pEC14_109 (traS)100904..101350 [+], 447256855358IncF plasmid conjugative transfer surface exclusion protein TraS 
35pEC14_110 (traT)101399..102130 [+], 732256855359conjugal transfer surface exclusion protein TraT 
36pEC14_111102333..103070 [+], 738256855360hypothetical protein 
37pEC14_112 (traD)103121..105265 [+], 2145256855361conjugal transfer protein TraD  TraD_F
38pEC14_113 (traI)105265..110535 [+], 5271256855362conjugal transfer nickase/helicase TraI  TraI_F
39pEC14_114 (traX)110555..111301 [+], 747256855363conjugal transfer pilus acetylation protein TraX  TraX_F
40pEC14_115111360..112220 [+], 861256855364hypothetical protein 
41pEC14_116 (finO)112323..112883 [+], 561256855365conjugal transfer fertility inhibition protein FinO 
42pEC14_117113406..113930 [+], 525256855366putative regulatory protein 
flank Genes in the 5-Kb flanking regions if available, or non-essential genes in the T4SS gene cluster if any.

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(1) DebRoy C; Sidhu MS; Sarker U; Jayarao BM; Stell AL; Bell NP; Johnson TJ (2010). Complete sequence of pEC14_114, a highly conserved IncFIB/FIIA plasmid associated with uropathogenic Escherichia coli cystitis strains. Plasmid. 63(1):53-60. [PudMed:19887083]