T4SS ID120
StrainEscherichia coli plasmid pEC_L8 (NC_014384)
Repliconplasmid pEC_L8 [Browse all T4SS(s) in this replicon]
ClassificationType IVA; Type F
sequence This T4SS has been mentioned in a genome sequencing report.

T4SS components

The information of T4SS components from NC_014384
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#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProductComponent
1pECL8_p044 (psiB)41063..41500 [+], 438302595506plasmid SOS inhibition protein B 
2pECL8_p045 (psiA)41497..42216 [+], 720302595507plasmid SOS inhibition protein A 
3pECL8_p046 (mok)42228..42458 [-], 231302595508modulator of Hok protein 
4pECL8_p04843008..43232 [-], 225302595509hypothetical protein 
5pECL8_p04943276..43509 [-], 234302595510hypothetical protein 
6pECL8_p050 (yubP)44921..45073 [+], 153302595511hypothetical protein 
7pECL8_p051 (geneX)45099..45776 [-], 678302595512X-polypeptide  Orf169_F
8pECL8_p052 (traM)46032..46415 [+], 384302595513mating signal  TraM_F
9pECL8_p053 (traJ)46549..47295 [+], 747302595514regulation protein 
10pECL8_p054 (traY)47389..47616 [+], 228302595515OriT nicking  TraY_F
11pECL8_p055 (traA)47626..48012 [+], 387302595516F pilin subunit  TraA_F
12pECL8_p056 (traL)48014..48328 [+], 315302595517F pilin assembly  TraL_F
13pECL8_p057 (traE)48350..48916 [+], 567302595518F pilin assembly  TraE_F
14pECL8_p058 (traK)48882..49631 [+], 750302595519F pilin assembly  TraK_F
15pECL8_p059 (traB)49628..51058 [+], 1431302595520F pilin assembly  TraB_F
16pECL8_p060 (traP)51006..51632 [+], 627302595521conjugal transfer protein 
17pECL8_p061 (trbD)51529..51939 [+], 411302595522conjugal transfer protein 
18pECL8_p062 (trbG)51917..52183 [+], 267302595523conjugal transfer protein 
19pECL8_p064 (traR)52830..53051 [+], 222302595524conjugal transfer protein 
20pECL8_p066 (trbI)55820..56221 [+], 402302595525conjugal transfer protein 
21pECL8_p067 (traW)56104..56850 [+], 747302595526F pilus assembly  TraW_F
22pECL8_p068 (traU)56820..57839 [+], 1020302595527F pilin assembly  TraU_F
23pECL8_p069 (yfdA)57863..58174 [+], 312302595528hypothetical protein 
24pECL8_p070 (trbC)58171..58821 [+], 651302595529F pilin assembly  TrbC_F
25pECL8_p071 (traN)58818..60626 [+], 1809302595530type IV secretion-like conjugative transfer system mating pair stabilization protein  TraN_F
26pECL8_p072 (trbE)60650..60910 [+], 261302595531conjugal transfer protein 
27pECL8_p074 (trbA)61662..62000 [+], 339302595532conjugative transfer protein 
28pECL8_p075 (traQ)62127..62411 [+], 285302595533conjugal transfer protein  TraQ_F
29pECL8_p076 (trbB)62398..62943 [+], 546302595534F pilin assembly periplasmic protein 
30pECL8_p077 (trbJ)62792..63214 [+], 423302595535conjugal transfer protein 
31pECL8_p078 (trbF)63162..63587 [+], 426302595536conjugal transfer protein 
32pECL8_p079 (traH)63568..64947 [+], 1380302595537F pilin assembly  TraH_F
33pECL8_p080 (traG)64944..67763 [+], 2820302595538type IV secretion-like conjugative transfer system protein  TraG_F
34pECL8_p081 (traS)67782..68279 [+], 498302595539conjugal transfer protein 
35pECL8_p082 (traT)68161..69042 [+], 882302595540conjugal transfer surface exclusion protein 
36pECL8_p083 (traD)69268..71520 [+], 2253302595541coupling protein  TraD_F
37pECL8_p084 (traI)71517..76790 [+], 5274302595542nickase/helicase  TraI_F
38pECL8_p085 (traX)76339..77556 [+], 1218302595543F pilin acetylation protein  TraX_F
39pECL8_p086 (finO)78554..79138 [+], 585302595544fertility inhibition protein 
40pECL8_p087 (yigA)79228..79479 [+], 252302595545hypothetical protein 
41pECL8_p089 (hhA)80201..80440 [+], 240302595546hypothetical protein 
42pECL8_p090 (yihA)80478..81068 [+], 591302595547hypothetical protein 
43pECL8_p091 (repA2)81308..81568 [+], 261302595548negative regulator of repA1 expression in FII replicon 
44pECL8_p092 (repA3)81653..81847 [+], 195302595549regulator of repA1 expression in FII replicon 
flank Genes in the 5-Kb flanking regions if available, or non-essential genes in the T4SS gene cluster if any.

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(1) Smet A; Van Nieuwerburgh F; Vandekerckhove TT; Martel A; Deforce D; Butaye P; Haesebrouck F (2010). Complete nucleotide sequence of CTX-M-15-plasmids from clinical Escherichia coli isolates: insertional events of transposons and insertion sequences. PLoS One. 5(6):e11202. [PudMed:20585456]