StrainHelicobacter pylori P12
Repliconchromosome [Browse all T4SS(s) in this replicon]
Functioneffector translocation
ClassificationType IVA; Type P
experimental Experimental investigation has been performed on this T4SS.

T4SS components

The information of T4SS components from NC_011498
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#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProductComponent
1HPP12_0523 (era)549537..550442 [+], 906210134718GTP-binding protein Era 
2HPP12_0524550439..551431 [+], 993210134719hypothetical protein 
3HPP12_0525551520..552374 [-], 855210134720hypothetical protein 
4HPP12_0526552393..552584 [+], 192210134721hypothetical protein 
5HPP12_0527 (cag1)552705..553052 [+], 348210134722cag pathogenicity island protein Zeta 
6HPP12_0528 (cag2)553160..553525 [+], 366210134723cag pathogenicity island protein Epsilon 
7HPP12_0529 (cag3)553525..554970 [+], 1446210134724cag pathogenicity island protein Delta  Cagdelta
8HPP12_0530 (cag4)554980..555489 [+], 510210134725cag pathogenicity island protein Gamma  Caggamma
9HPP12_0531 (cag5)555963..558209 [-], 2247210134726cag pathogenicity island protein Beta  Cagbeta
10HPP12_0532 (virB11-2)558218..559210 [-], 993210134727cag pathogenicity island protein Alpha  Cagalpha
11HPP12_0533 (cagZ)559215..559814 [-], 600210134728cag pathogenicity island protein Z  CagZ
12HPP12_0534 (cagY)559964..565669 [-], 5706210134729cag pathogenicity island protein Y VirB10-like protein  CagY
13HPP12_0535 (cagX)565684..567252 [-], 1569210134730cag pathogenicity island protein X VirB9-like protein  CagX
14HPP12_0536 (cagW)567305..568912 [-], 1608210134731cag pathogenicity island protein W  CagW
15HPP12_0537 (cagV)568917..569675 [-], 759210134732cag pathogenicity island protein V  CagV
16HPP12_0538 (cagU)570070..570720 [+], 651210134733cag pathogenicity island protein U  CagU
17HPP12_0539 (cagT)570733..571575 [+], 843210134734cag pathogenicity island protein T  CagT
18HPP12_0540 (cagS)571777..572376 [-], 600210134735cag pathogenicity island protein S 
19HPP12_0541 (cagQ)572815..573195 [-], 381210134736cag pathogenicity island protein Q 
20HPP12_0542 (cagR)572903..573205 [+], 303210134737cag pathogenicity island protein R 
21HPP12_0543 (cagP)573621..573974 [-], 354210134738cag pathogenicity island protein P 
22HPP12_0544 (cagM)574409..575539 [+], 1131210134739cag pathogenicity island protein M  CagM
23HPP12_0545 (cagN)575554..576474 [+], 921210134740cag pathogenicity island protein N  CagN
24HPP12_0546 (cagL)576555..577268 [-], 714210134741cag pathogenicity island protein L  CagL
25HPP12_0547 (cagI)577265..578410 [-], 1146210134742cag pathogenicity island protein I  CagI
26HPP12_0548 (cagH)578421..579533 [-], 1113210134743cag pathogenicity island protein H  CagH
27HPP12_0549 (cagG)579550..579978 [-], 429210134744cag pathogenicity island protein G  CagG
28HPP12_0550 (cagF)580037..580843 [-], 807210134745cag pathogenicity island protein F  CagF
29HPP12_0551 (cagE)580845..583796 [-], 2952210134746cag pathogenicity island protein E VirB4-like protein  CagE
30HPP12_0552 (cagD)583805..584428 [-], 624210134747cag pathogenicity island protein D  CagD
31HPP12_0553 (cagC)584430..584777 [-], 348210134748cag pathogenicity island protein C  CagC
32HPP12_0554 (cagB)584923..585150 [-], 228210134749cag pathogenicity island protein B 
33HPP12_0555 (cagA)585581..589225 [+], 3645210134750cytotoxin-associated protein A 
flank Genes in the 5-Kb flanking regions if available, or non-essential genes in the T4SS gene cluster if any.

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CagA; Peptidoglycan

The information of protein effectors
#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProduct  *
1HPP12_0555 (cagA)585581..589225 [+], 3645210134750cytotoxin-associated protein A  CagA

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