T4SS ID615
StrainEnterococcus faecalis plasmid pCF10 (NC_006827)
Repliconplasmid pCF10 [Browse all T4SS(s) in this replicon]
ClassificationType IVD; Type GP
experimental Experimental investigation has been performed on this T4SS.

T4SS components

The information of T4SS components from NC_006827
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#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProductComponent
1pCF10_09 (prgY)5843..6997 [+], 115558616131PrgY 
2pCF10_10 (prgX)7030..7983 [-], 95458616133PrgX 
3pCF10_11 (prgQ)8192..8263 [+], 7258616132PrgQ 
4pCF10_12 (prgR)8745..9125 [+], 381113706805PrgR 
5pCF10_13 (prgS)9125..9397 [+], 27358616086PrgS 
6pCF10_14 (prgT)9699..9887 [+], 18958616137PrgT 
7pCF10_15 (prgA)10015..12690 [+], 267658616134PrgA  PrgA
8pCF10_16 (prgB)12883..16800 [+], 391858616135PrgB  PrgB
9pCF10_17 (prgU)16862..17218 [+], 35758616087PrgU 
10pCF10_18 (prgC)17246..18103 [+], 85858616136PrgC  PrgC
11pCF10_19 (prgD)18145..19044 [+], 90058616088PrgD  PrgD
12pCF10_20 (prgE)19064..19498 [+], 43558616089PrgE 
13pCF10_21 (prgF)19545..19772 [+], 22858616090PrgF  PrgF
14pCF10_22 (prgG)19786..20082 [+], 29758616091PrgG 
15pCF10_23 (prgH)20097..20897 [+], 80158616084PrgH  PrgH
16pCF10_24 (prgI)20899..21252 [+], 35458616092PrgI  PrgI
17pCF10_25 (prgJ)21359..23596 [+], 223858616093PrgJ  PrgJ
18pCF10_26 (prgK)23608..26223 [+], 261658616094PrgK  PrgK
19pCF10_27 (prgL)26247..26873 [+], 62758616095PrgL  PrgL
20pCF10_28 (prgM)26860..27105 [+], 24658616096PrgM 
21pCF10_29 (pcfA)27089..27697 [+], 60958616097PcfA 
22pCF10_30 (pcfB)27856..28341 [+], 486113706806PcfB 
23pCF10_31 (pcfC)28341..30170 [+], 183058616099PcfC  PcfC
24pCF10_32 (pcfD)30221..32380 [+], 216058616100PcfD 
25pCF10_33 (pcfE)32413..32685 [+], 27358616101PcfE 
26pCF10_34 (pcfF)32931..33287 [+], 35758616102PcfF 
27pCF10_35 (pcfG)33288..34973 [+], 168658616103PcfG 
28pCF10_36 (pcfH)35006..35356 [+], 35158616104PcfH  PcfH
29pCF10_37 (pcfI)35680..35847 [+], 16858616105PcfI 
30pCF10_38 (pcfJ)35873..37210 [-], 133858616106PcfJ 
31pCF10_39 (pcfK)37207..37983 [-], 77758616107PcfK 
32pCF10_40 (pcfL)38126..38674 [-], 54958616108PcfL 
33pCF10_41 (pcfM)38698..38889 [-], 19258616126PcfM 
34pCF10_42 (pcfN)38874..39059 [-], 18658616109PcfN 
35pCF10_43 (pcfO)39065..39514 [-], 45058616110PcfO 
36pCF10_44 (pcfP)39801..40001 [+], 20158616111PcfP 
flank Genes in the 5-Kb flanking regions if available, or non-essential genes in the T4SS gene cluster if any.

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(1) Li F; Alvarez-Martinez C; Chen Y; Choi KJ; Yeo HJ; Christie PJ (2012). Enterococcus faecalis PrgJ, a VirB4-like ATPase, Mediates pCF10 Conjugative Transfer Through Substrate Binding. J Bacteriol. . [PudMed:22636769] experimental
(2) Chen Y; Zhang X; Manias D; Yeo HJ; Dunny GM; Christie PJ (2008). Enterococcus faecalis PcfC, a spatially localized substrate receptor for type IV secretion of the pCF10 transfer intermediate. J Bacteriol. 190(10):3632-45. [PudMed:18326569] experimental
experimental This literature contains experimental investigation