T4SS ID616
StrainEnterococcus faecalis plasmid pBEE99 (NC_013533)
Repliconplasmid pBEE99 [Browse all T4SS(s) in this replicon]
ClassificationType IVD; Type GP
sequence This T4SS has been mentioned in a genome sequencing report.

T4SS components

The information of T4SS components from NC_013533
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#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProductComponent
1pBEE99p04 (prgX)3731..4714 [-], 984270208276PrgX 
2pBEE99p05 (prgR)5534..5914 [+], 381270208277PrgR 
3pBEE99p06 (prgS)5965..6186 [+], 222270208278PrgS 
4pBEE99p076539..6829 [+], 291270208279transposase 
5pBEE99p086865..7701 [+], 837270208280integrase 
6pBEE99p09 (prgB)8127..12044 [+], 3918270208281PrgB  PrgB
7pBEE99p10 (prgC)12498..13355 [+], 858270208282PrgC  PrgC
8pBEE99p11 (prgD)13397..14296 [+], 900270208283PrgD  PrgD
9pBEE99p12 (prgK)14316..14750 [+], 435270208284PrgK 
10pBEE99p13 (prgF)14797..15024 [+], 228270208285PrgF  PrgF
11pBEE99p1415038..15334 [+], 297270208286hypothetical protein 
12pBEE99p15 (prgH)15349..16149 [+], 801270208287PrgH  PrgH
13pBEE99p16 (prgI)16151..16504 [+], 354270208288PrgI  PrgI
14pBEE99p17 (prgJ)16458..18848 [+], 2391270208289PrgJ  PrgJ
15pBEE99p18 (prgK)18860..21373 [+], 2514270208290PrgK  PrgK
16pBEE99p1921509..21838 [-], 330270208291hypothetical protein 
17pBEE99p2022097..24031 [+], 1935270208292reverse transcriptase 
18pBEE99p21 (prgL)24304..24930 [+], 627270208293PrgL  PrgL
19pBEE99p22 (prgM)24908..25162 [+], 255270208294PrgM 
20pBEE99p23 (pcfA)25146..25754 [+], 609270208295PcfA 
21pBEE99p2425867..26622 [+], 756270208296hypothetical protein 
22pBEE99p25 (pcfS)26639..27097 [+], 459270208297PcfS 
23pBEE99p2627143..27325 [+], 183270208298hypothetical protein 
24pBEE99p27 (pcfB)27364..27852 [+], 489270208299PcfB 
25pBEE99p28 (pcfC)27852..29681 [+], 1830270208300PcfC  PcfC
26pBEE99p29 (pcfD)29732..31891 [+], 2160270208301PcfD 
27pBEE99p30 (pcfE)31924..32196 [+], 273270208302PcfE 
28pBEE99p31 (pcfF)32442..32798 [+], 357270208303PcfF 
29pBEE99p32 (pcfG)32799..34484 [+], 1686270208304PcfG 
30pBEE99p33 (pcfH)34517..34867 [+], 351270208305PcfH  PcfH
31pBEE99p34 (pcfJ)35384..36727 [-], 1344270208306PcfJ 
32pBEE99p3536727..37500 [-], 774270208307hypothetical protein 
33pBEE99p3637605..38195 [-], 591270208308hypothetical protein 
34pBEE99p37 (pcfM)38219..38410 [-], 192270208309PcfM 
35pBEE99p38 (pcfN)38395..38580 [-], 186270208310PcfN 
36pBEE99p39 (pcfP)38876..39076 [+], 201270208311PcfP 
37pBEE99p40 (pcfQ)39178..39408 [-], 231270208312PcfQ 
flank Genes in the 5-Kb flanking regions if available, or non-essential genes in the T4SS gene cluster if any.

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(1) Coburn PS; Baghdayan AS; Craig N; Burroughs A; Tendolkar P; Miller K; Najar FZ; Roe BA; Shankar N (2010). A novel conjugative plasmid from Enterococcus faecalis E99 enhances resistance to ultraviolet radiation. Plasmid. 64(1):18-25. [PudMed:20307569]