I. Summary
SecReT6 ID571 insolico
StrainYersinia pestis D106004
Repliconchromosome [Browse all T6SS(s) in this replicon]
T6SS TypeType i; subtype i3
insolico Bioinformatics investigation has been performed on this T6SS.

II. T6SS components
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III. genome coordinates of the T6SS gene cluster
#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProductNote
1YPD4_25553257535..3258002 [-], 468384123145hypothetical protein 
2YPD4_2556 (lemA)3258618..3259160 [+], 543384123146hypothetical protein 
3YPD4_25573259165..3261204 [+], 2040384123147hypothetical protein 
4YPD4_25583261580..3261921 [+], 342384123148hypothetical protein 
5YPD4_25593261996..3262343 [-], 348384123149hypothetical protein 
6YPD4_25603262368..3262847 [-], 480384123150hypothetical protein  TssE
7YPD4_25613262944..3263750 [-], 807384123151hypothetical protein  TagJ
8YPD4_25623263770..3264618 [-], 849384123152hypothetical protein 
9YPD4_25633264958..3267543 [-], 2586384123153hypothetical protein  TssI
10YPD4_25643267870..3271697 [-], 3828384123154hypothetical protein  TssM
11YPD4_25653271706..3272266 [-], 561384123155putative OmpA family protein  TagL
12YPD4_25663272558..3273337 [-], 780384123156insertion sequence IS100, ATP-binding protein 
13YPD4_25673273337..3274359 [-], 1023384123157transposase for insertion sequence IS100 
14YPD4_25683274373..3274978 [-], 606384123158DotU family type IV / VI secretion system protein  TssL
15YPD4_25693275038..3276387 [-], 1350384123159hypothetical protein  TssK
16YPD4_25703276391..3276930 [-], 540384123160type VI secretion lipoprotein, family  TssJ
17YPD4_25713277204..3277689 [-], 486384123161hypothetical protein  TssD
18YPD4_25723278015..3279517 [-], 1503384123162hypothetical protein  TssC
19YPD4_25733279541..3280011 [-], 471384123163hypothetical protein  TssB
20YPD4_25743280170..3280778 [-], 609384123164fimbrial protein 
21YPD4_25753280763..3281920 [-], 1158384123165outer membrane fimbrial usher porin 
22YPD4_25763281978..3283186 [+], 1209384123166transposase 
23YPD4_25773283208..3284587 [-], 1380384123167hypothetical protein 
24YPD4_25783284886..3285647 [-], 762384123168pili chaperone protein 
25YPD4_25793285804..3286349 [-], 546384123169frimbrial protein 
26YPD4_2580 (clpB)3286550..3289105 [-], 2556384123170putative Clp ATPase  TssH
27YPD4_25813290053..3291888 [+], 1836384123171hypothetical protein  TssF
28YPD4_25823291888..3292913 [+], 1026384123172hypothetical protein  TssG
29YPD4_25833293012..3294193 [+], 1182384123173hypothetical protein  TssA
30YPD4_25843294221..3295231 [+], 1011384123174hypothetical protein 
31YPD4_25853295271..3296608 [+], 1338384123175hypothetical protein 
32YPD4_25863296605..3297288 [+], 684384123176hypothetical protein 
33YPD4_25873297289..3298971 [+], 1683384123177hypothetical protein  TagL
34YPD4_25883299055..3299450 [+], 396384123178hypothetical protein 
35YPD4_25893299808..3300410 [-], 603384123179putative luxR-family regulatory protein 
36YPD4_25903301665..3302759 [-], 1095384123180membrane-bound lytic murein transglycosylase B 
flank Genes in the 5-kb flanking regions if available, or non-core components encoded by the T6SS gene cluster if any. In the 'Note' column,if available, '(e)' denotes effector while '(i)' for immunity protein

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V. Investigation of the genomic context of the T6SS gene cluster.
1. BLASTp searches of the proteins encoded by T6SS gene cluster and its flanking regions against the mobile genetic elements database, ACLAME.

2. BLASTp searches of the proteins encoded by T6SS gene cluster and its flanking regions against the virulence factor database, VFDB.

3. BLASTp searches of the proteins encoded by T6SS gene cluster and its flanking regions against against the antibiotic resistance database, ARDB.

Homology Effector list

Effector identified
#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProduct  Homolog
1YPD4_25713277204..3277689 [-], 486384123161hypothetical protein ROD_27741

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