Summary Sequence Alignment 16S rRNA Context  

I. Phylogenetic tree based on NCBI taxonomy IDs
The file containing NCBI taxonomy IDs: NCBI_Taxon_ID_190421_714.txt
iTOL can generate the tree based on the taxonomy IDs provided

II. Phylogenetic tree based on 16S rDNA sequences
JalView, a Java alignment editor [FAQ]
Number of 16S rDNA sequences 1
Muscle version MUSCLE v3.7 by Robert C. Edgar
Your input file muscle_16S_190421_714.input
Output file in FASTA format muscle_16S_190421_714.fas
Output file in CLUSTALW format muscle_16S_190421_714_clw.aln
Tree file in Newick format, drawing with TreeView muscle_16S_190421_714_tree.nw