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Organism: Enterococcus faecium D344R
#IDICE nameICE familyReplicon
1102 experimental Tn5386--
experimental Data derived from experimental literature
The genome map is not available as this strain has not been completely sequenced.
ElementNo. of sequencesDownloadAlignment
(1) Rice LB; Carias LL; Hutton-Thomas R; Rudin S (2007). Interaction of related Tn916-like transposons: analysis of excision events promoted by Tn916 and Tn5386 integrases. J Bacteriol. 189(10):3909-17. [PudMed:17322310] experimental
(2) Rice LB; Carias LL; Marshall S; Rudin SD; Hutton-Thomas R (2005). Tn5386, a novel Tn916-like mobile element in Enterococcus faecium D344R that interacts with Tn916 to yield a large genomic deletion. J Bacteriol. 187(19):6668-77. [PudMed:16166528] experimental
experimental experimental literature