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ICE family
At present ICEberg includes the following ICE families: " SXT/R391, Tn916, Tn4371, CTnDOT/ERL, ICEclc, ICEBs1, ICEHin1056, PAPI-1, ICEMlSym(R7A), ICESt1, SPI-7, ICE6013, ICEKp1, TnGBS1, Tn5253, ICESa2603, ICEYe1, 10270-RD.2, Tn1207.3, Tn1806, ICEA5632, ICEF-I/II, ICEAPG2, ICEM, 10270-RD.1, Tn5801, PPI-1, ICEF-III, - ".

ICE name
For example, "R391" or "SXT(MO10)".

IME name
For example, "NBU1" or "SGI1".

CIME name
For example, "CIME368" or "TR1".