T4SS ID163
StrainSalmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Typhimurium plasmid R621a (NC_015965)
Repliconplasmid R621a [Browse all T4SS(s) in this replicon]
ClassificationType IVB; Type I
sequence This T4SS has been mentioned in a genome sequencing report.

T4SS components

The information of T4SS components from NC_015965
#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProductComponent
1R621a_p049 (ygfB)35927..36775 [+], 849345134048protein YgfB 
2R621a_p050 (yggA)36860..37195 [-], 336345134049protein YggA 
3R621a_p051 (nikA)37429..37761 [+], 333345134050NikA oriT-specific DNA-binding protein 
4R621a_p052 (nikB)37772..40471 [+], 2700345134051NikB relaxase 
5R621a_p053 (trbC)40508..42799 [-], 2292345134052TrbC transfer protein  TrbC_I
6R621a_p054 (trbB)42792..43862 [-], 1071345134053protein disulfide isomerase  TrbB_I
7R621a_p055 (trbA)43881..45089 [-], 1209345134054TrbA transfer protein  TrbA_I
8R621a_p056 (finQ)45396..46481 [-], 1086345134055fertility inhibition protein 
9R621a_p057 (pndC)46744..46947 [+], 204345134056post-segregation killing protein 
10R621a_p058 (pndA)46802..46954 [+], 153345134057post-segregation killing protein 
11R621a_p059 (excA)48762..49376 [-], 615345134058surface exclusion protein 
12R621a_p060 (traY)49452..51689 [-], 2238345134059TraY integral membrane protein  TraY_I
13R621a_p061 (traX)51717..52301 [-], 585345134060TraX transfer protein  TraX_I
14R621a_p062 (traW)52330..53532 [-], 1203345134061TraW lipoprotein  TraW_I
15R621a_p063 (traV)53499..54113 [-], 615345134062TraV transfer protein  TraV_I
16R621a_p064 (traU)54113..57157 [-], 3045345134063TraU nucleotide-binding protein  TraU_I
17R621a_p065 (insD)57170..58075 [-], 906345134064IS2 transposase InsD 
18R621a_p066 (insA)58033..58398 [-], 366345134065IS2 OrfA protein 
19R621a_p067 (traT)58583..59383 [-], 801345134066TraT transfer protein  TraT_I
20R621a_p068 (traS)59367..59555 [-], 189345134067TraS transfer protein  TraS_I
21R621a_p069 (traR)59619..60023 [-], 405345134068TraR transfer protein  TraR_I
22R621a_p070 (traQ)60074..60601 [-], 528345134069TraQ transfer protein  TraQ_I
23R621a_p071 (traP)60601..61305 [-], 705345134070TraP transfer protein  TraP_I
24R621a_p072 (traO)61305..62594 [-], 1290345134071TraO transfer protein  TraO_I
25R621a_p073 (traN)62597..63580 [-], 984345134072TraN transfer protein  TraN_I
26R621a_p074 (traM)63591..64283 [-], 693345134073TraM transfer protein  TraM_I
27R621a_p075 (traL)64280..64627 [-], 348345134074TraL transfer protein  TraL_I
28R621a_p076 (sogL)64645..68412 [-], 3768345134075SogL DNA primase 
29R621a_p077 (sogS)64645..67179 [-], 2535345134076SogS transfer protein 
30R621a_p078 (nuc)68502..69053 [-], 552345134077EDTA-resistant nuclease 
31R621a_p079 (traK)69068..69358 [-], 291345134078TraK transfer protein  TraK_I
32R621a_p080 (traJ)69355..70503 [-], 1149345134079TraJ transfer ATPase  TraJ_I
33R621a_p081 (traI)70500..71318 [-], 819345134080TraI lipoprotein  TraI_I
34R621a_p082 (traH)71315..71773 [-], 459345134081TraH lipoprotein  TraH_I
35R621a_p083 (traG)72167..72751 [-], 585345134082histidine phosphatase domain-containing protein 
36R621a_p084 (traF)72811..74013 [-], 1203345134083protein TraF 
37R621a_p085 (traE)74099..74923 [-], 825345134084protein TraE 
38R621a_p086 (rci)75074..76228 [-], 1155345134085shufflon-specific DNA reconbinase 
39R621a_p08776293..76538 [+], 246345134086PilVB C-terminal segment 
flank Genes in the 5-Kb flanking regions if available, or non-essential genes in the T4SS gene cluster if any.

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(1) Takahashi H; Shao M; Furuya N; Komano T (2011). The genome sequence of the incompatibility group Igamma plasmid R621a: evolution of IncI plasmids. Plasmid. 66(2):112-21. [PudMed:21763721]