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I. Effector List
II. Effector List order by data source
III. Genuine effectors
a. Amidase (Tae)
b. Glycoside Hydrolase (Tge)
c. Lipase (Tle)
d. Deoxyribonuclease (Tde)
IV. Structural secreted components (Hcp/VgrG)
V. Immunity protein List
VI. Immunity protein List order by data source

Note: 1. only T6SS-containing replicons are listed.
2. in the 'Data' column, 'E' denotes experimental support while 'B' for bioinformatics prediction.
3. in the 'Replicon' column, 'C' denotes chromosome while 'P' for plasmid.

List of the T6SS effectors recorded by SecReT6
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#PIDLocus tag Gene name Homolog description T6SS IDDataReplicon