Proteins belonging to this kind of components are listed as follows
(You can select < 100 proteins to perform sequence alignment by MUSCLE)
#ComponentProtein ID T6SS type Organism Accession
1 Sfa3119900164i3Azoarcus sp. BH72NC_008702
2 Sfa3478478843i4aPseudomonas aeruginosa B136-33NC_020912
3 Sfa3392984091i4aPseudomonas aeruginosa DK2NC_018080
4 Sfa3568154091i4aPseudomonas aeruginosa LES431NC_023066
5 Sfa3218891666i4aPseudomonas aeruginosa LESB58NC_011770
6 Sfa3386058745i4aPseudomonas aeruginosa M18NC_017548
7 Sfa3564952560i4aPseudomonas aeruginosa MTB-1NC_023019
8 Sfa3386066298i4aPseudomonas aeruginosa NCGM2.S1NC_017549
9 Sfa3558672472i4aPseudomonas aeruginosa PA1NC_022808
10 Sfa3558666121i4aPseudomonas aeruginosa PA1RNC_022806
11 Sfa3152989385i4aPseudomonas aeruginosa PA7NC_009656
12 Sfa315597555i4aPseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1NC_002516
13 Sfa3514409683i4aPseudomonas aeruginosa RP73NC_021577
14 Sfa3568309699i4aPseudomonas aeruginosa SCV20265NC_023149
15 Sfa3116050299i4aPseudomonas aeruginosa UCBPP-PA14NC_008463

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