I. Summary
SecReT6 ID318 insolico
StrainVibrio splendidus LGP32
Repliconchromosome II [Browse all T6SS(s) in this replicon]
T6SS TypeType i; subtype i1
insolico Bioinformatics investigation has been performed on this T6SS.

II. T6SS components
III. genome coordinates of the T6SS gene cluster
#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProductNote
1VS_II09801083767..1084411 [-], 645218676741hypothetical protein 
2VS_II09811084799..1085194 [-], 396218676742hypothetical protein 
3VS_II09821085167..1085697 [-], 531218676743hypothetical protein 
4VS_II09831085687..1086478 [-], 792218676744hypothetical protein 
5VS_II09841086482..1087999 [-], 1518218676745hypothetical protein 
6VS_II0985 (vasF)1088148..1088954 [-], 807218676746Type VI Secretion System, VasF  TssL
7VS_II09861088936..1090261 [-], 1326218676747hypothetical protein  TssK
8VS_II09871090273..1090788 [-], 516218676748hypothetical protein  TssJ
9VS_II09881090766..1092253 [-], 1488218676749hypothetical protein  Fha
10VS_II09891092263..1092865 [-], 603218676750hypothetical protein 
11VS_II09901093545..1094858 [+], 1314218676751hypothetical protein  TssA
12VS_II09911094925..1098317 [+], 3393218676752IcmF-related protein  TssM
13VS_II09921098390..1098842 [+], 453218676753HTH-type transcriptional regulator 
14VS_II09931098871..1099896 [-], 1026218676754hypothetical protein  TssG
15VS_II0994 (vasA)1099860..1101710 [-], 1851218676755Type VI secretion system; VasA  TssF
16VS_II09951101619..1102056 [-], 438218676756hypothetical protein  TssE
17VS_II09961102090..1103565 [-], 1476218676757hypothetical protein  TssC
18VS_II09971103574..1104080 [-], 507218676758hypothetical protein  TssB
19VS_II09981104099..1105676 [-], 1578218676759hypothetical protein  TssA
20VS_II09991105678..1107675 [-], 1998218676760hypothetical protein 
21VS_II10001108177..1109130 [-], 954218676761hypothetical protein 
22VS_II10011109123..1110115 [-], 993218676762hypothetical protein 
23VS_II10021110096..1111427 [-], 1332218676763hypothetical protein 
24VS_II10031111441..1111926 [-], 486218676764hypothetical protein 
25VS_II10041111926..1114004 [-], 2079218676765Vgr protein  TssI
26VS_II10051114079..1114597 [-], 519218676766Hcp (Haemolysin co-regulated protein)  TssD
27VS_II10061115052..1117745 [+], 2694218676767Chaperone ClpB  TssH
28VS_II1007 (vasH)1117732..1119360 [+], 1629218676768Sigma 54 dependent transcriptional regulator 
29VS_II10081119421..1121037 [-], 1617218676769hypothetical protein 
30VS_II10091121006..1121770 [-], 765218676770hypothetical protein 
flank Genes in the 5-kb flanking regions if available, or non-core components encoded by the T6SS gene cluster if any. In the 'Note' column,if available, '(e)' denotes effector while '(i)' for immunity protein

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V. Investigation of the genomic context of the T6SS gene cluster.
1. BLASTp searches of the proteins encoded by T6SS gene cluster and its flanking regions against the mobile genetic elements database, ACLAME.

2. BLASTp searches of the proteins encoded by T6SS gene cluster and its flanking regions against the virulence factor database, VFDB.

3. BLASTp searches of the proteins encoded by T6SS gene cluster and its flanking regions against against the antibiotic resistance database, ARDB.

Homology Effector list

Effector identified
#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProduct  Homolog
1VS_II10051114079..1114597 [-], 519218676766Hcp (Haemolysin co-regulated protein) VEPGS_0021

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