I. Summary
SecReT6 ID481 insolico
StrainCampylobacter concisus 13826
Repliconchromosome [Browse all T6SS(s) in this replicon]
T6SS TypeType i; subtype i1
insolico Bioinformatics investigation has been performed on this T6SS.

II. T6SS components
III. genome coordinates of the T6SS gene cluster
#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProductNote
1CCC13826_1173 (dhs)129238..130068 [+], 8311571650803-deoxy-D-arabino-heptulosonate 7-phosphate synthase 
2CCC13826_1174130072..131430 [+], 1359157165709hypothetical protein 
3CCC13826_1175131449..132273 [+], 825157165465hypothetical protein 
4CCC13826_1176132370..133632 [+], 1263157164744hypothetical protein 
5CCC13826_1177133748..134215 [+], 468157165409type VI secretion lipoprotein  TssJ
6CCC13826_1178134253..135611 [+], 1359157163890type VI secretion protein  TssK
7CCC13826_1179135621..136385 [+], 765157165082aspartyl/glutamyl-tRNA(Asn/Gln) amidotransferase subunit B (Asp/Glu-ADT subunit B)  TssL
8CCC13826_1180136386..137666 [+], 1281157164752nucleobase:cation symporter 
9CCC13826_1181137747..138232 [+], 486157164561type VI secretion protein  TssB
10CCC13826_1182138235..139683 [+], 1449157164026EvpB family type VI secretion protein  TssC
11CCC13826_1183139692..140081 [+], 390157164818hypothetical protein 
12CCC13826_1187146268..147185 [+], 918157165630hypothetical protein  Fha
13CCC13826_1188147250..147771 [+], 522157165098secreted protein Hcp  TssD
14CCC13826_1189147881..148441 [+], 561157164549hypothetical protein 
15CCC13826_1190148507..148983 [+], 477157163986hypothetical protein 
16CCC13826_1191148983..149411 [+], 429157165389transcription antitermination protein NusG 
17CCC13826_1192149401..150036 [+], 636157164765hypothetical protein 
18CCC13826_1193150099..150578 [+], 480157164239hypothetical protein 
19CCC13826_1195151440..154022 [+], 2583157165049ribosomal protein L7/L12  TssI
20CCC13826_1196154041..154541 [+], 501157164901bifunctional DNA-directed RNA polymerase, beta and beta' chain 
21CCC13826_1197155027..157867 [+], 2841157164417DNA-directed RNA polymerase beta' chain 
22CCC13826_1198157864..158466 [+], 603157164048hypothetical protein 
flank Genes in the 5-kb flanking regions if available, or non-core components encoded by the T6SS gene cluster if any. In the 'Note' column,if available, '(e)' denotes effector while '(i)' for immunity protein

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V. Investigation of the genomic context of the T6SS gene cluster.
1. BLASTp searches of the proteins encoded by T6SS gene cluster and its flanking regions against the mobile genetic elements database, ACLAME.

2. BLASTp searches of the proteins encoded by T6SS gene cluster and its flanking regions against the virulence factor database, VFDB.

3. BLASTp searches of the proteins encoded by T6SS gene cluster and its flanking regions against against the antibiotic resistance database, ARDB.

Homology Effector list

Effector identified
#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProduct  Homolog
1CCC13826_1188147250..147771 [+], 522157165098secreted protein Hcp HH0243

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