I. Summary
SecReT6 ID606 insolico
StrainPantoea ananatis AJ13355
Repliconchromosome [Browse all T6SS(s) in this replicon]
T6SS TypeType i; subtype i3
insolico Bioinformatics investigation has been performed on this T6SS.

II. T6SS components
III. genome coordinates of the T6SS gene cluster
#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProductNote
1PAJ_16471986824..1987672 [-], 849386016237hypothetical protein 
2PAJ_16481987683..1988489 [-], 807386016238hypothetical protein 
3PAJ_16491989056..1990684 [-], 1629386016239Rhs element Vgr protein  TssI
4PAJ_16501990563..1991252 [-], 690386016240Rhs element Vgr protein  TssI
5PAJ_16511992009..1992614 [-], 606386016241hypothetical protein 
6PAJ_16521992627..1993697 [-], 1071386016242hypothetical protein 
7PAJ_16531993694..1996234 [-], 2541386016243hypothetical protein 
8PAJ_16541998701..2000764 [-], 2064386016244Rhs element Vgr protein  TssI
9PAJ_1655 (pknA)2000770..2002233 [-], 1464386016245serine/threonine-protein kinase PknA 
10PAJ_1656 (clpV)2002263..2004872 [-], 2610386016246chaperone ClpB  TssH
11PAJ_16572004926..2005975 [-], 1050386016247hypothetical protein  TssG
12PAJ_16582005972..2007849 [-], 1878386016248hypothetical protein  TssF
13PAJ_16592007852..2008427 [-], 576386016249hypothetical protein  TssE
14PAJ_16602008417..2009244 [-], 828386016250hypothetical protein  TagJ
15PAJ_16612009261..2010316 [-], 1056386016251putative type VI secretion system-associated protein 
16PAJ_1662 (pppA)2010285..2011076 [-], 792386016252protein phosphatase PppA 
17PAJ_16632011073..2012968 [-], 1896386016253FHA domain containing protein  Fha
18PAJ_16642013999..2014874 [-], 876386016254EF Hand domain protein 
19PAJ_16652014998..2015480 [-], 483386016255hypothetical protein  TssD
20PAJ_16662016061..2017560 [-], 1500386016256hypothetical protein  TssC
21PAJ_16672017560..2018102 [-], 543386016257hypothetical protein  TssB
22PAJ_16682018171..2019193 [-], 1023386016258ImpA-related N-Terminal family  TssA
23PAJ_16692019204..2019917 [-], 714386016259hypothetical protein 
24PAJ_16702019932..2023222 [-], 3291386016260hypothetical protein  TssM
25PAJ_1671 (ytxE)2023563..2024804 [-], 1242386016261flagellar motor protein YtxE  TssL
26PAJ_16722024821..2026167 [-], 1347386016262hypothetical protein  TssK
27PAJ_16732026183..2026686 [-], 504386016263lipoprotein hypothetical protein  TssJ
28PAJ_16742026710..2027309 [-], 600386016264putative type VI secretion system-associated hypothetical protein 
29PAJ_1675 (yeeO)2028419..2029714 [-], 1296386016265multidrug efflux protein NorA YeeO 
30PAJ_1676 (amn)2030229..2031683 [+], 1455386016266AMP nucleosidase Amn 
flank Genes in the 5-kb flanking regions if available, or non-core components encoded by the T6SS gene cluster if any. In the 'Note' column,if available, '(e)' denotes effector while '(i)' for immunity protein

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V. Investigation of the genomic context of the T6SS gene cluster.
1. BLASTp searches of the proteins encoded by T6SS gene cluster and its flanking regions against the mobile genetic elements database, ACLAME.

2. BLASTp searches of the proteins encoded by T6SS gene cluster and its flanking regions against the virulence factor database, VFDB.

3. BLASTp searches of the proteins encoded by T6SS gene cluster and its flanking regions against against the antibiotic resistance database, ARDB.

Homology Effector list
ECL_03140 , ECL_01567, SMA2263, SMA3456, SMA2263

Effector identified
#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProduct  Homolog
1PAJ_0397(rhsD)488026..492213 [-], 4188386014996protein rhsD precursor RhsD ECL_03140
2PAJ_1646(rhsD)1981865..1986367 [-], 4503386016236protein RhsD precursor RhsD ECL_01567
3PAJ_16652014998..2015480 [-], 483386016255hypothetical protein SMA2263
4PAJ_17432108720..2109202 [-], 483386016333hypothetical protein SMA3456
5PAJ_17442109233..2109715 [-], 483386016334hypothetical protein SMA2263

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