I. Summary
SecReT6 ID649 insolico
StrainPectobacterium sp. SCC3193
Repliconchromosome [Browse all T6SS(s) in this replicon]
T6SS TypeType i; subtype i1
insolico Bioinformatics investigation has been performed on this T6SS.

II. T6SS components
III. genome coordinates of the T6SS gene cluster
#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProductNote
1W5S_09591061371..1061877 [-], 507470153447Tabtoxin resistance protein 
2W5S_09601062106..1062693 [-], 588470153448Hypothetical protein api48 
3W5S_09611063181..1063900 [+], 720470153449Polyamine ABC transporter, permease protein 
4W5S_09621064757..1065260 [+], 504470153450Type VI secretion protein, VC_A0107 family  TssB
5W5S_09631065293..1066771 [+], 1479470153451Type VI secretion protein, EvpB/VC_A0108 family  TssC
6W5S_09641066777..1067208 [+], 432470153452Type VI secretion system lysozyme like protein  TssE
7W5S_09651067211..1068977 [+], 1767470153453Type VI secretion protein, VC_A0110 family  TssF
8W5S_09661068941..1069939 [+], 999470153454Type VI secretion protein, VC_A0111 family  TssG
9W5S_09671069942..1071162 [+], 1221470153455Type VI secretion system FHA domain protein  Fha
10W5S_09681071159..1071683 [+], 525470153456Type VI secretion lipoprotein, VC_A0113 family  TssJ
11W5S_09691071686..1073023 [+], 1338470153457Type VI secretion protein, VC_A0114 family  TssK
12W5S_09701073039..1073815 [+], 777470153458ImpK/VasF outer membrane protein  TssL
13W5S_09711073829..1076426 [+], 2598470153459Type VI secretion ATPase, ClpV1 family  TssH
14W5S_09721076429..1077967 [+], 1539470153460Sensory box sigma-54 dependent DNA-binding response regulator 
15W5S_09731077967..1078527 [+], 561470153461Type VI secretion-associated protein, VC_A0118 family 
16W5S_09741078539..1079966 [+], 1428470153462Hypothetical protein ImpA  TssA
17W5S_09751079991..1083488 [+], 3498470153463Type VI secretion protein IcmF  TssM
18W5S_09761083662..1085098 [+], 1437470153464Hypothetical protein ahaP  TssA
19W5S_09771085130..1085654 [+], 525470153465TPR repeat, SEL1 subfamily protein 
20W5S_09781085603..1086481 [+], 879470153466Sel1 repeat-containing family protein 
21W5S_09791086850..1087170 [+], 321470153467Putative integron gene cassette protein 
22W5S_09801087109..1087564 [+], 456470153468Hypothetical protein 
23W5S_09811087667..1088131 [+], 465470153469Hypothetical protein 
24W5S_09821088177..1088623 [+], 447470153470Putative integron gene cassette protein 
25W5S_09831088673..1089044 [+], 372470153471Hypothetical protein 
flank Genes in the 5-kb flanking regions if available, or non-core components encoded by the T6SS gene cluster if any. In the 'Note' column,if available, '(e)' denotes effector while '(i)' for immunity protein

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V. Investigation of the genomic context of the T6SS gene cluster.
1. BLASTp searches of the proteins encoded by T6SS gene cluster and its flanking regions against the mobile genetic elements database, ACLAME.

2. BLASTp searches of the proteins encoded by T6SS gene cluster and its flanking regions against the virulence factor database, VFDB.

3. BLASTp searches of the proteins encoded by T6SS gene cluster and its flanking regions against against the antibiotic resistance database, ARDB.

Homology Effector list
ECA4275 , ECA3427, Dda3937_02773, ECA2866, ECA2866, ECA2866, ECA3427, Dda3937_02773, Dda3937_02773, Dda3937_02773

Effector identified
#Locus tag (Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProduct  Homolog
1W5S_006064734..65252 [-], 519470152569Hcp protein ECA4275
2W5S_0140164882..166729 [+], 1848470152649VgrG protein ECA3427
3W5S_0142167185..171471 [+], 4287470152651YD repeat protein Dda3937_02773
4W5S_0358395453..395971 [+], 519470152855Hcp protein ECA2866
5W5S_0553601540..601914 [-], 375470153049Hcp protein ECA2866
6W5S_14671610435..1610953 [+], 519470153931Hcp protein ECA2866
7W5S_14681611045..1612895 [+], 1851470153932VgrG protein ECA3427
8W5S_26742893083..2897324 [-], 4242470155130YD repeat protein Dda3937_02773
9W5S_35133779123..3783394 [-], 4272470155953YD repeat protein Dda3937_02773
10W5S_39614278202..4280940 [+], 2739470156394RhsF Dda3937_02773

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Homology Immunity protein list

Immunity protein identified
#Locus tag(Gene)Coordinates [+/-], size (bp)Protein GIProduct  Homolog
1W5S_0149177785..178192 [+], 408470152658Hypothetical protein Dda3937_01757

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(1) Nykyri J et al. (2012). Revised Phylogeny and Novel Horizontally Acquired Virulence Determinants of the Model Soft Rot Phytopathogen Pectobacterium wasabiae SCC3193. PLoS Pathog. 8(11):e1003013. [PudMed:23133391] experimental in_silico
experimental This literature contains experimental investigation
in_silico This literature contains bioinformatics investigation