Adaptor Protein ID: 446122356
SecReT6 ID931
T6SS type
Gene symbol
Locus tag
StrainEscherichia coli 17-2
RepliconT6SS [GenBank: NC_017626] [Browse all T6SS(s) in this replicon]
Location [Strand]4884070..4885437 []
Adaptor typeProtein
Homologous adaptorEC042_4550(TagA)
DescriptionTagA stops and stabilizes the extended sheath
UniProt IDD3GUY1
KEGG IDelo:EC042_4550
Domain hit(s) vs Pfam NA
Relates to structure proteinTssA
Chaperone of effector
Protein Sequence: a.a.     [Download]
Nucleotide Sequence: bp     [Download]

(1) Santin YG, Doan T, Lebrun R, Espinosa L, Journet L, Cascales E (2018). In vivo TssA proximity labelling during type VI secretion biogenesis reveals TagA as a protein that stops and holds the sheath. Nat Microbiol. 3(11):1304-1313. [PudMed:30275513] experimental
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