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Proteins homologous to those involved in forming the highly conserved thiopeptide-characteristic framework
(NosD, NosE, NosF, NosG, and NosO or NosH in nosiheptide biosynthesis as the references).

No.Proteins involved in
forming thiopeptide framework
FunctionNo. of HomologuesAccession
1  NosD dehydratase 64 PF14028
2  NosE dehydratase 65 PF04738
3  NosF dehydrogenase 64 PF00881
4  NosG cyclodehydratase 65 PF02624
5  NosH hypothetical protein 29 This study
6  NosO hypothetical protein 33 This study

link The synteny regions of the thiopeptide gene cluster displayed by Gbrowse_syn

Figure 1. Organization of the thiopeptide framework-forming genes identified from the producers of NOS (nos), TSR (tsr) and SIO-A (sio).