Thiopeptide:thiopeptin (Series a and b)  ChemDraw eXchange file PubChem Link
Genotype:Type II (featuring the gene coding for quinalic acid moiety formation)
Antibiotics: Antibacterial;
Gram Nature: Gram+;
Target Organism: Staphylococcus aureus 209P;
Staphylococcus aureus Smith;
Staphylococcus aureus Terashima;
Staphylococcus aureus Cp-Ra;
Staphylococcus aureus Pc-Ra;
Staphylococcus aureus Em, Sm, Pc-Ra;
Sarcina lutea PCI-1001;
Bacillus subtilis ATCC-6633;
Bacillus megaterium BB-105;
Corynebacterium xerosis BO-404;
Escherichia coli NIHJ;
Pseudomonas aeruginosa BP-145;
Proteus vulgaris BO-701;
Mycobacterium 607;
M. phlei;
Penicillium chrysogenum Q 176;
Candida albicanis YC-109;
Anticancer:[Patent: WO2002066046]
Producer Organism:Streptomyces tateyamensis;
Reference: Kezar, et al. (1979). Effect of thiopeptin and sodium bicarbonate on the prevention of lactic acidosis induced in sheep. J Anim Sci. 49(5):1396-402. [PudMed:44287]  
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(1) thiopeptin A1a     thiopeptin A1a JEPG file thiopeptin A1a ChemDraw eXchange file  
CAS: 70591-36-5
(2) thiopeptin A1b     thiopeptin A1b JEPG file thiopeptin A1b ChemDraw eXchange file  
CAS: 70591-34-3
(3) thiopeptin A2 
(4) thiopeptin A3a     thiopeptin A3a JEPG file thiopeptin A3a ChemDraw eXchange file  
CAS: 70591-38-7
(5) thiopeptin A3b     thiopeptin A3b JEPG file thiopeptin A3b ChemDraw eXchange file  
CAS: 70788-67-9
(6) thiopeptin A4a     thiopeptin A4a JEPG file thiopeptin A4a ChemDraw eXchange file  
CAS: 70591-37-6
(7) thiopeptin A4b     thiopeptin A4b JEPG file thiopeptin A4b ChemDraw eXchange file  
CAS: 70591-35-4
(8) thiopeptin Ba     thiopeptin Ba JEPG file thiopeptin Ba ChemDraw eXchange file  PubChem Link 
CAS: 70606-90-5
(9) thiopeptin Bb     thiopeptin Bb JEPG file thiopeptin Bb ChemDraw eXchange file  
CAS: 70591-33-2

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