Thiopeptide:QN3323 (Series d)  ChemDraw eXchange file 
Genotype:Type III (No MIA (indolyl), no QA (quinolinic acid))
Structural Peptide:SCTTCVCTCSCCT
Antibiotics: Antibacterial;
Producer Organism:Bacillus sp. QN03323;
Reference: Tojo, et al. (2008). Preparation of cyclic thiopeptides (NQ3323-A derivatives) and their pharmaceutical compositions for multidrug-resistant bacteria. . 67pp..  [SciFinder(R)]  link More details
(1) QN3323 A     QN3323 A JEPG file QN3323 A ChemDraw eXchange file  
CAS: 460351-97-7P
(2) QN3323 B     QN3323 B JEPG file QN3323 B ChemDraw eXchange file  
CAS: 460351-98-8P
(3) QN3323 Y1     QN3323 Y1 JEPG file QN3323 Y1 ChemDraw eXchange file  
CAS: 460351-99-9P

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