Thiopeptide:multhiomycin (Series e)  ChemDraw eXchange file PubChem Link
Genotype:Type I (possessing the genes encoding indolic acid side ring)
Structural Peptide:SCTTCECCCSCSS
Antibiotics: Antibacterial;
Gram Nature: Gram+,Gram-;
Target Organism: Bacillus cereus IAM 1729 (MIC=25µg/ml);
Bacillus cirulans MSK (MIC=0.006µg/ml);
Bacillus subtilis PCI-219 (MIC=0.2µg/ml);
Bacillus subtilis 168 (MIC=0.05µg/ml);
Sarcina lutea NIHJ (MIC=0.006µg/ml);
Staphylococcus aureus FDA 209P (MIC=0.013µg/ml);
Corynebacterium xerosis IID (MIC=0.1µg/ml);
Pseudomonas solanacearum NIAS (MIC=0.006µg/ml);
Shigella sonnei IID (MIC=0.025µg/ml);
Producer Organism:
Reference: Cundliffe, et al. (1981). The mode of action of nosiheptide (multhiomycin) and the mechanism of resistance in the producing organism. J Gen Microbiol. 126(1):185-92. [PudMed:7038038]  
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