Analysis of the proteins responsible for The DNA degradation (Dnd) system
Dnd protein Putative function Homologues in dndDB NCBI-BLASTP similar proteins Putative conserved domains in pfam Putative conserved domains in CCD
DndA Cystein desulfurtransferse, provides S via an L-cysteine desulfurylase activity  12   243  PF00266: Aminotransferase class-V cl00321: Aminotran_1_2 Super-family
DndB Putative Fe-S cluster binding protein, affects modification specificity as transcriptional regulator  32   19  No conserved domains identified. No conserved domains identified.
DndC Putative [4Fe-4S] ATP pyrophosphatase, an iron-sulfur protein  32   67  PF01507: Phosphoadenosine phosphosulfate reductase family cd01713: PAPS_reductase
DndD Putative ATPase with DNA nicking activity, may couple ATP hydrolysis to DndE function  32   52  PF02463: RecF/RecN/SMC N terminal domain cl09099: ABC_ATPase Super-family
DndE Putative sulphotransferase 32  16  PF08870: unknown function (DUF1832) pfam08870: DUF1832